Friday, June 15, 2007

Serious Delerium - Coffee and Cigarettes

The Genius and my idol The Abbot, sippin' tea discussin' herbal shit with Bill Murray from the movie: Coffee and Cigarettes by Jim Jarmusch.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Jim Jarmusch's work it includes Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (soundtrack by RZA, I'll be getting to this movie sometime in the future), Broken Flowers, and of course Coffee and Cigarettes.

Coffee and Cigarettes is actually a series of short film done over a very long period of time. The earliest was shot in 1986 with Roberto Benigni and one of my favorite comedians, Steven Wright. The final six were filmed in two weeks in 2003.

Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary (1988)


Ya Slippin' is probably my favorite track on this album, mainly because of the bass line. The utilization of rock & roll like "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple was a new idea (even compared to Run DMC i feel), and was very well done considering what's rhymed over it. By that I mean, KRS brought it out.

Also something of note: this bass line was used most recently by MF DOOM in "Doomsday" from the album "Operation: Doomsday", a tight-ass track on its own.

1. My Philosophy    
2. Ya Slippin'    
3. Stop The Violence    
4. Illegal Business    
5. Nervous    
6. I'm Still #1    
7. Part Time Suckers    
8. Jimmy    
9. T' Cha-T' Cha    
10. Necessary


I Hope someone noticed I shrunk down that huge header.

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded (1987)


Uh-oh uh-oh, I've come to show--a brand new flow, is the flow wack? No. 1985 is around the time hip-hop became a major industry and became known around the globe, and it certainly went a long way before the likes of 50 Cent and dare I say it, Puffy.

KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions was one of the hottest out there by the time hip-hop blew up, and this is my tribute to him. This is the 1st installment of the KRS sharing extravaganza. That's right, the KRS discography is on its way. Why KRS? Well, I remember after watching some hip-hopumentary on VH1, KRS said that he would never oppose to anybody sharing/sampling/straight-up-stealing his music, because he believes it's for the world to enjoy and educate themselves from. So here you go, help keep the spirit alive.

1. Poetry
2. South Bronx
3. 9mm Goes Bang
4. Word From Our Sponsor
5. Elementary
6. Dope Beat
7. Remix For P Is Free
8. The Bridge Is Over
9. Super-Hoe
10. Criminal Minded


KRS One- The Bridge Is Over

I was gonna post the same song performed live on In Living Color, but the owner of the vid doesn't allow embedding, the bastard. So here you go. Just as good. Quite possibly the oldest beef in hip-hop history, this is one for museums. MC Shan and Marley Marl, no disrespect but KRS' shit was much hotter.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kanye West, Rakim, Nas & KRS-One - Classic (prod. by DJ Premier)

I don't like Kanye West, but I do believe he is a step in the right direction. To be honest I posted this mostly because of Premier, because there's hardly anything of his that I don't like. No disrespect to Rakim, NaS, or KRS. I'm sure they know as I know you can't go wrong with Premo workin' your decks.

Coming up: KRS-One!

Young MC - Bust a Move

Oldie but god damn is it a goodie. Where the hell is Young MC anyway?

Isaac Hayes - Instrumentals (2003)


Check out Ike's Mood and Pursuit of the Pimpmobile! I found quite a bit to sample out of both.

1. Hung Up on My Baby
2. Ike's Mood, Pt. 1
3. No Name Bar
4. Let's Stay Together
5. Café Regio's
6. Blue's Crib
7. Now We're One
8. Dorinda's Party
9. Type Thang
10. Pursuit of the Pimpmobile
11. Driving in the Sun
12. Ellie's Love Theme
13. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [Mono Version]


KMD - Bl_ck B_st_rds (1994/2001)


Originally scheduled for a 1994 release, this record did not see the light of day until 2001, mainly due to the cover art. Pretty rickdickalous if you ask me. For those of you not familiar with KMD, it consisted of Zev Love X, Subroc, and Onyx. Zev Love X ended his career when his brother Subroc was killed in a car crash. After some time, Zev returned as MF DOOM, the masked supervillain.

1. Garbage Day #3    
2. Get-U-Now    
3. What A Nigga Know?    
4. Sweet Premium Wine    
5. Plumskinnz (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid)    
6. Smokin' That S*@%!    
7. Contact Blitt    
8. Gimme!    
9. Black Bastards    
10. It Sounded Like A Roc!    
11. Plumskinnz (Oh No I Don't Believe It!)    
12. Constipated Monkey    
13. F*@# Wit' Ya Head!!    
14. Suspended Animation    
15. What A Nigga Know? (Remix feat. MF Grimm)  


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

People Under The Stairs - Stepfather (2006)


God damn this album is smooth as butter.

1. Intro
2. Step In
3. Pass The 40
4. Pumpin’
5. Flex Off
6. Tuxedo Rap
7. Days Like This
8. Jamboree pt.1
9. Jamboree pt.2
10. The Doctor and The Kidd (feat. George Clinton)
11. Eat Street
12. Crown Ones
13. LA9X
14. The Brownout
15. Letter To The Old School
16. More Than you Know
17. Reflections
18. 4 Dollar Afro
19. You
20. On And On (feat. Kat Ouano)